who are we?

Hatched from the creative eggs in the nest, evie lala is a playful and unique collection of handmade designer wearables and artworks. When we say handmade, we mean it’s our own hands that have crafted this collection, ensuring that each item adheres to our design ideal and is tailored to perfection. Most items are made from natural fibres and carefully selected designer fabrics – one would say we have something of a fabric addiction. Combining these fabrics with various mediums, quirky designs and detailed craftsmanship we are able to bring each piece to life with a one of a kind originality.

Perched in the hills of Australia’s renowned Yarra Valley, evie lala draws inspiration from being part of its rich and vibrant artisan community and its beautiful surrounds. From our humble beginnings as a hatchling, when our kids were our inspiration to create and make whimsical warbles and play things, we have evolved and grown. Our sketch books are constantly being filled and creative scratchings  transformed into tangible, unique artworks. Artworks that are adored by both children and those young at heart to those who simply admire creatives that appeal to the ‘right brain’.

With a passion for good design and a quest to rid the world of mundane, we are always busy in the nest thinking up new and innovative creations to share a little artiness with you and yours.

Homegrown creatives nurtured from the nest.